(Alsmost) All Your Questions Will Be Answered After Reading

How does the Adventure Outdoors DoorStep Delivery work?

You book your equipment through our online booking system and we deliver it anywhere within 50 kms of our warehouse. We also pick it up from the same location too!

Where do we meet to receive the rentals?

Anywhere you prefer, of course given that there’s a safe road to get to! The location also has to be within 50 kms of our warehouse, which is located in central Surrey. We try our best to deliver and pick up the items at your convenient location, so please be sure to provide the exact address we would be meeting in.

What time do we meet?

The pick-up and drop-off times are by appointment only. We will however try our best to deliver and pick up the items at your convenience. We confirm delivery and pick-up time with you within 24 hours of your booking.

What time should I be at our meetup point?

We suggest arriving at least 10 minutes prior to the meet time to secure your equipment and go over the documentation process. However, we wait up to 15 minutes past our meet time, at which point we will continue our deliveries out of respect for our next patron’s time. It is crucial to arrive at least 10 minutes before to avoid any late penalties and incurring your own pick up.

What is your cancellation policy?

Anytime before 24 hours of your booking, you receive a full refund or optional store credits. Due to limited stock and high demand, there is no refund within 24 hours of your booking to be fair for our other patrons.

What if the weather changes?

We understand how unpredictable the weather can be, so we offer your choice of rescheduling your booking or giving you store credits. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer refunds since weather events are out of our control.

What is the time window for booking and delivery?

We highly recommend placing your booking request at least 24 hours in advance to take advantage of our Same Day Delivery service. If you need it sooner than 24 hours, please call 778-957-3448 to confirm availability and meet time and location.

How compact are the equipment?

We have handpicked our premium equipment to be as compact and lightweight as possible.

You can conveniently pop off the front tires of your ebike to make it significantly smaller. And they are one of the lightest mountain ebikes in the market with one of the longest ranges.

Our SUPs only weigh 24 pounds with all accessories combined, plus it comes rolled in a backpack so that you can take it anywhere without it holding you back. Now you can paddle through that private lake you always wanted to. They can fit comfortably in most cars because they are about the size of a x large backpack.

Should I tip my driver?

Although completely optional, treat your kind drivers as you would Uber Eats drivers or pizza delivery drivers. They work tireless hours to ensure you get your delivery on time. You choose whether to tip or not, no pressure.

What kind of ebikes do you use?

Because our intended goal is to promote the non-paved trails of BC Parks, we have selected all terrain mountain bikes as our only type of ebike. Mountain ebikes are flexible in use for paved and unpaved paths. Fun fact, we use one of the most lightweight mountain bikes on the market right now.

Is it mandatory to watch the safety videos?

YES! They are less than 3 minutes each and they can save your life. No excuses. Plus, they are part of our contract of terms. We spend many hours and effort building these videos for your safety and wellbeing. You can find the videos on our youtube channel.

Is there a deposit required?

No deposit required, however we do have a pre-authorised debit policy, much like a car rental or hotel system to reduce theft and promote safe handling of our equipment.

Is there a delivery fee?

We charge a small flat fee per delivery and pick-up, which varies based on gas prices. That said, we do often make exceptions if you are on our way to another delivery.

Can I buy gift certificates?

We believe that experiences are the best gift you can give, and our equipment will be the tools of that memorable experience. We have gift cards for purchase in our Store.

What is the minimum age for booking and use?

Our patrons are expected to be at least 18 years old to book our rentals. Otherwise they must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/ guardian at all times.

How fast can the ebikes go?

Our bikes adhere to the BC ebike safety laws, their maximum speed rating is 32 km/hr. But we recommend lower speeds since ebikes take a short time to get used to.

Do I need to wear my lifejacket/ helmet?

YES, AT ALL TIMES while you are on the SUP or ebikes.

Do I get a demonstration on how to use my equipment?

Yes, our demos can all be found online on our youtube channel which you can watch and rewatch at your own convenience. You will also receive our safety and how-to-use videos emailed to you after your completed booking.

Are pets allowed on the SUPs?

Although we LOVE PETS, we highly discourage allowing your pets on board the SUP. It will increase the likelihood of damage to the SUP and can incur fees.

When do I get the Agreement Forms to sign?

You will receive an email after your booking to sign our waivers. We use a self-guided and easy to use online system for waivers. Please make sure to read the terms thoroughly for your own safety and equipment safe handling.

Do you take cash?

No, we do not take cash as payment method for bookings since our bookings are done online only. The good news is that we can take any card, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What are your COVID19 procedures?

We will be thoroughly sanitizing all of our equipment after each booking and practicing safety protocols as recommended by Health Canada and WHO.

What should I do if I’m experiencing COVID19-like symptoms?

DO NOT go through with our booking. We hope that you understand how important it is to contain the virus and stay at home if you are experiencing COVID19 symptoms for everyone’s sake. Don’t worry, you can always reschedule your booking for another time frame, free of charge.

Is the cargo box compatible with my car?

Our boxes are designed to be mounted on roofbars/ crossrails. Otherwise they are mostly universal in fitting almost all cars. We highly encourage you to refer to your vehicle’s manual and cross rails manual to check the maximum weight you can place on it. Add all of the weights of your cross rails, roofbox, and your items inside, that should give you a good idea of whether the box will be sturdy and safe.

How much weight can I put inside the cargo box?

The boxes are designed to withstand a MAXIMUM of 110 pounds, distributed in a way where 50 lbs is in the middle, and 30 lbs in the front and back. To avoid going over this limit, we recommend fitting the lightest items you have inside the box, whereas the heavier items inside your vehicle.

How fast can I drive with the cargo box mounted?

DO NOT travel faster than 110 km/hr with an empty box, or 100 km/hr with your contents inside.

Who will mount the box on top of my vehicle and how long does it take to install and take down?

Our team of professional equipment handlers will mount/ install the box on top of your vehicle, safe and secure. We will ask you to confirm that the mount has been secured before we head out for maximum peace of mind and safety. It only takes up to 5 minutes for successful installation and take down.

How should I keep the box clean so that I don't get charged the cleaning fee?

We understand that your outdoor activities can get the box dirty, which is why we have posted an insightful step-by-step video on how to safely clean it. In summary, you can wash it down using a low pressure hose and dry it with a rag. It is important that you TAKE OUT THE CLAMPS BEFORE washing and try your best to not get the hinges wet. Or we can do all of this for you with a small fee.

Is it safe to take the box through the carwash?

NO, the chemicals used during the car wash can damage the internal components of the box and render it useless.