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Adventure Outdoors StandUp Paddleboard

SKU AO-0001
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Product Details
UPC: 628942036842
Brand: Adventure Outdoors
Colour: Multicolour
Size: One Size
Condition: New & Lightly Used

Adventure Outdoors is proud to present an all-around board that has been specifically engineered and designed to offer performance and balance to paddlers who want a step up from the traditional boards but still want the flexibility of use. Its length and nose shape make it well balanced, and its extra wide feature and round tail add to its stability.


  • Max support weight of 352LBS
  • Double-layer high-quality drop-stitching fabric for long-lasting results and durability
  • Support up to 15 PSI pressure
  • Weighing at only 24 lbs
  • The dual-action pump helps you inflate twice as fast
  • Military-grade PVC material for longevity
  • Dimensions: 10'6'' x 32''x 6'' (320cm*82cm*15cm)
  • Warranty: 180 days

Comes With:

Backpack, Paddle, Fin, Leash, Emergency Kit, and Dual Action Pump.

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