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Adventure Outdoors Waterproof Pouch

SKU AO-0003
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Product Details
UPC: 628942036859
Brand: Adventure Outdoors
Colour: Green, Blue, Multicolour
Size: One Size
Condition: Brand New

Although engineered for phones, our Adventure Outdoors pouch is for universal use of storing your keys, wallet, passports, jewelry, phones, etc. and keeping the outdoor elements out. These handy-dandy waterproof pouches protects your valuables from mud, sand, dust, water, and snow. Now you can take your valuables with you, no matter where. These pouches are compatible with up to 7.2 inch phones. Get 2


  • Protects valuables from outdoor elements
  • Touch screen enabled for your phones
    • Now you can use your phone under water for videos and photos
  • Buckles to secure your valuables airtight
  • Lanyard for handsfree storage
    • Just hang it on your neck and keep going
  • Super transparent design allows for clear visuals and use of your phone screen
  • We're so sure you will be happy with the usefulness and quality, you will get a 1-year warranty! Enjoy.

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We recommend you test for Waterproof and Buoyancy Function before Each Use... just in case! Also, keep in mind that cell phones may suffer hydraulic pressure under certain water depths, which can impact the operation of your touchscreen.

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